Check out this heart warming story of an OFW who received a car gift from employer.

A lot of Filipinos work abroad to earn more money to sustain the life of their families here in our country. They make this kind of sacrifice for their family. Recently, a story of a lucky overseas Filipino worker has become viral as she received a car gift from her employer.

Dina Tenerife Celo, a 47-year-old OFW is very lucky to have a very generous and kind employer. Dina’s life has already been featured last 2017 in news when her employer gave her a house and lot. This year, her employer surprised Dina with a car gift. On January 3, 2019, Melissa McPike, the employer of Dina gave her a second hand Nissan car.

Melissa McPike’s car gift for Dina is to help her have ease in travelling especially when Dina visits her son which is also working in Abu Dhabi.
Dina shared that she usually takes two bus ride for her to reach her son which is really time consuming and energy draining.


Dina said, “Kasi nakikita nya na lagi akong nahihirapan at naghahabol ng oras tuwing sumasakay ako ng bus para bisitahin ang aking anak na nandito rin sa UAE. Kapag wala kasing available na sasakyan, sa bus ako sumasakay. Ang hirap sumakay ng bus. Kailangan ng dalawang sakay sa bus para makapunta doon. Inaabot ako ng mahigit ilang oras sa biyahe. Kaya sobrang laking tulong nito.”

Dina’s commute whenever she goes to her son became even more difficult when a “re-routing” was came to pass last December 2018.

“Last December lang nung nagbago yung mga bus schedule. Yung dalawang sakay ko lang dati, naging limang sakay na. Nag-iba kasi ang mga ruta ng bus. Mula noon, nahihirapan na ako.”

Dina’s generous employer noticed her struggle in commuting just to have a chance to visit her son. So when Dina’s employer told her, “After two weeks, no more bus,” she became confused and baffled. After two weeks, Melissa McPike handed a key for Dina’s very own car which really saved her from the struggles in commuting. This really shows how Dina was able to become really close to her employer that they treated her as their own family.

Dina also received gifts from Melissa McPike’s children, Saif and Saeed, for Christmas. In 2017, Melissa McPike helped Dina build her dream home in Camarines Sur by giving her DH23,000 which is equivalent to 320,000 pesos for her to buy a lot where she will build her dream house. Melissa McPike also made a promise that their family will be the first visitors after Dina’s house is finished.

Source: Filipinotimes

Photo Source: Pinasfact